Included With Our Puppies
24 Month Hips/Elbow Guarantee
26 Months Eye Guarantee
Exposure to Gunfire, Water, and Bumpers
Microchip and Paid Microchip Registration
Paid AKC Registration 

30 Days of Prepaid AKC Puppy Insurance
Started on Interceptor for heart worms
Started on monthly Flea/Tick prevention
All Age Appropriate Vaccines


Ready for Forever Their Forever Home!

Meet Poppy! Poppy is a darker brown. Like Pepper, Poppy has "Twisty Ears," when she is happy or excited as well. Poppy is more laid back than Pepper, but she is always ready to work, regardless if it's the more fun stuff with the bumper or the work on basic skills that they might not view as being as much fun. Poppy gets along well with other dogs, be they puppies or adults.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppies Available Updated 9/12/2021



Fergie is stocky and block headed just like her sire. When she figured out what I was doing with the camera, she was all in! Even though she is surrounded by brothers, she does not shy away from anything, and is ready to join in on whatever activity is happening! Her siblings would say she butt's in but Fergie just sees it as joining in on the party! She has a touch of white on her back toes and a white star on her chest. She's a salty girl, and lets her brothers know when they aren't minding her! Fergie  may lighten into a dark deadgrass. Fergie is a full sister to Marsha Thompson's Emmi. You can look her up on Facebook to get a more accurate idea of how Fergie will be colored as she grows. It was getting dark when we took these pictures, and she looks darker than she really is.

Whiskey Blue & Shiloh

Ready for Forever Their Forever Home!

Bill is unbelievable! He is going to be a light deadgrass with no mask. He does have a small band of darker hair on his tail, which is not uncommon with the deadgrass coloring. He is the perfect combination of a heavy boned, muscular build and a undeniable work ethic! Bill loves everyone! He listens well, and learns very quickly! He retrieved a duck on his second practice throw (shallow water). He picks up on skills fast, and enjoys every minute of it! 


Sam is a beautiful Chessie. I knew when I met him that I wanted a puppy from him. Sam is amazingly smart, talented, and loyal. He is local "celebrity" in our area. How many dogs of any breed do you see carrying the basket for their owner at Lowe's?  This breeding produced amazing puppies. There is not one in the litter that I would not be proud to keep for our breeding program. In fact, we are keeping a female from the litter, and Sam's dad is keeping a male from the litter. **Sam's health info is listed on this page since we do not own him.

Sam-EIC-Clear, DM-Clear, PRA Clear, OFA Hips-Good, OFA Elbows- Normal, Ectodermal Dysplasia-Clear

Pups are ready to go to Forever Homes.

We accept several forms of payment, including Paypal. If you cannot drive or fly to us, we can also help arrange shipping with a flight nanny or meet you at Tulsa International Airport to help you meet your new family member. We do offer military, first responder, and previous buyer discounts.

Pepper is dark brown with a stout build! If you notice in the pictures, she twists her ears when she is happy or excited. We call it the "Twisty Ears." Her dam and grandam both do it as well. It wouldn't surprise me if she is also a smiler! Pepper is super smart, loves to work, and is a fast learner! 

Maddy is a go getter! She is afraid of nothing! She was not very happy about having her picture taken. She cooperated just long enough to satisfy us so that she could get back to her puppy business! She loves to be busy. She is as sweet as she can be, has a drive like no other, and works hard to master new skills!



Falcon is the only dark puppy in the litter. He is a gorgeous medium brown, not too light, not too dark. He has a heavy boned build, and an excellent, sweet disposition. He is always happy, except when my son Luke picked him up to take a close up picture. He wasn't much on stopping his work with the bumper! Falcon is laid back, but is also a go getter when it's time to work and play!


Parent Pictures, Pedigrees, and Health Clearances can be seen on the "Our Dogs" page.

Macy was all about having her picture taken once she realized we had fresh tomatoes to share with her! This girl can zero in on a ripe tomato in a heartbeat! We have to beat her to the garden when we want a ripe tomato because she will help herself. She does come by it naturally. Tomatoes are her dam's favorite food too! Most of our garden this year is tomatoes so that we could make sure there were plenty for our brown clowns as well! Macy is a go getter! She is afraid of nothing! Macy likes to be busy. She is as sweet as she can be, has a drive like no other, and works hard to master new skills!

Sain's Yosemite Sam 


Hickory Creek's Scarlett Isabella

Daisy is stocky and block headed just like her sire Whiskey Blue. Daisy is a medium deadgrass, and may continue to lighten. Daisy has "Twisty Ears," like the other ladies in her heritage. You will know exactly when she is happy or excited, because her ears will twist almost all the way around. Daisy just has a presence about her. She's the puppy that catches your eye, but doesn't have to show out to do it! She makes the best eye contact, and has a very long attention span for her age!




Willow is Ms. Personality! She loves for you to watch her "tricks," which currently consist of  stealing her sister's toys and trying to sneak off without them noticing. Somehow she always manages to "trick" us into lots of belly and chest scratches. She has that broad square Chessie build, and a thick dense coat that is going to give her that extra protection in cold winter water or a winning coat in the show ring!



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Hickory Creek  Chesapeakes


Harper is such a sweet, sweet girl! She loves to cuddle, but she's always ready to work on her retrieving skills. She doesn't care if he bumper has wings or not, if it's on land or in the water, she is always ready to work and learn! Harper would be an amazing addition to any family!


A.K.C. Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Designated Breeder

​AKC On Site Inspected

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