Diesel thinks he's the boss! When things don't go his way, he knows how to howl!

Dakota is thick, heavy boned and heavy muscled! She has a small white star on her chest and has lots of waves!

Lola is the laid back sister. She is brown with some white on the toes of all four feet. She also has a white star on her chest.

Teddy Hickory Creek's Blue Belle

Ready to go home July 23


Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppies Available Updated 7/19/2021


Dash is a looker! He turns all the girls heads with those thick dark brown waves!


Diva is stocky and block headed just like her sire. When she figured out what I was doing with the camera, she was all in! Diva doesn't shy away from anything, and is ready to join in on whatever activity is happening! Her siblings would say she butt's in but Diva says that is just semantics! She has a touch of white on her back toes and a white star on her chest. She's a salty girl, and let's her brothers and sisters know when they aren't minding her! Diva may lighten into a dark deadgrass.


Franco is a square, solidly built medium deadgrass. He will likely continue to lighten as he grows. Franco, aka Mr. Salty loves to use his voice! He does not hesitate to let his siblings, his mom, our us know exactly what he thinks!

Pearl is the Boss Lady! She lets her littermates know when they get in her way! Pearl is brown with a small white star and white on the toes of both back feet.

We accept several forms of payment, including Paypal. We can also help arrange shipping with a flight nanny or meet you at Tulsa International Airport to help you meet your new family member. We do offer military, first responder, and previous buyer discounts.


A.K.C. Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Designated Breeder

Our mission is simple. We treat others as we want to be treated.




Falcon, aka Mr. Nosey, doesn't miss anything! He is square and solid in build. Falcon is a dark deadgrass, and will likely lighten in color in the future. He is outgoing, and ready to learn!


Harper is such a sweet, sweet girl! She has white on the toes of both back feet and a small white star on her chest.

Sain's Yosemite Sam 


Hickory Creek's Scarlett Isabella

Dylan is dark brown and laid back. He does however get excited with it's time to eat?






Meet Poppy! Poppy is a darker brown. She has a few white hairs on her chest and her back left toe at maturity, but I believe that as she grows, she will be a solid brown. Poppy is a go getter! She is always picking at her sisters wanting to play!

Daisy is a go getter! She is afraid of nothing! Obstacles are nothing to her! She has a few white hairs on both back feet, and a white star on her chest. She is as sweet as she can be, and works hard until she masters new skills!


Fergie is a square, solidly built medium deadgrass. She will likely continue to lighten as she grows. Fergie, aka Ms. Sneaky, is quiet, but she will sneak up and steal her sibling's toys before they know what happened!



Fantom was much darker when he was born, and he has lightened since. I expect that he will continue to lighten to a light/medium deadgrass. Fantom's nickname is Mr. Party! He is always ready to play and have a good time!

Sam is a beautiful Chessie. I knew when I met him that I wanted a puppy from him. Sam is amazingly smart, talented, and loyal. He is local "celebrity" in our area. How many dogs of any breed do you see carrying the basket for their owner at Lowe's?  This breeding produced amazing puppies. There is not one in the litter that I would not be proud to keep for our breeding program. In fact, we are keeping a female from the litter, and Sam's dad is keeping a male from the litter. **Sam's health info is listed on this page since we do not own him.

Sam-EIC-Clear, DM-Clear, PRA Clear, OFA Hips-Good, OFA Elbows- Normal, Ectodermal Dysplasia-Clear

Pups will be ready to go home July 9th.


Shiloh/Whiskey Blue Litter

Ready to go home July 31

Finn, aka Mr. Happy, is always ready to play or cuddle. Finn is always ready to do whatever is on the agenda. I look for him to be a smiler in the future like his sire. Finn is very solid, muscular and heavy in his build. He is a medium deadgrass, and will likely lighten in the future.

     Included with our Puppies

  • 24 month hip/elbow guarantee

  • 36 month eye guarantee

  • AKC Puppy Papers

  • Microchip ​

  • Started on Heartgaurd 

  • All Age Appropriate Vaccines

  • Parents on the Premises, if not, Contact Information will be Provided

  • Connection to Flight Nanny Available

  • Buyer and Veterinary References Available

  • Exposed to Gunfire

Pepper is dark brown, stout and stocky. She has white on her toes on both back feet. She will let you know if she is not getting her way!




Scout is stocky with a very wavy dark brown coat. She has white on the toes of both back feet and has a star that looks like two joined heart. She for sure has our heart!

Fallon is Ms. Personality! She loves for you to watch her "tricks," which currently consist of  taking a nosedive when she steals her sibling's toys and tries to run away. Fallon is deadgrass and will likely lighten in the future.


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Hickory Creek  Chesapeakes


Parent Pictures, Pedigrees, and Health Clearances can be seen on the "Our Dogs" page.