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It doesn't take long to realize that there are almost as many snack options for your pet as there are for us humans. Just as many of the snacks for humans aren't nutritious, neither are the ones for our furry friends. Some treats can even be dangerous. After visiting with our veterinarian recently, I wanted to pass on his advice -- plain old-fashioned Milk-Bone dog treats are the best choice of store bought treats for your dog. He said there is "no telling" what actually goes into dog treats, especially treats that are not American made. Milk-Bones are the only treat that his personal dogs receive, and he doesn't give them often. They are reserved for a true treat. Locally, I find that Atwoods often has a large box of Milk-Bones on sale for 9.99, which makes them economical as well. Our dogs receive homemade treats of beef jerky and Delta's Dog Treats (named after our matriarch) in addition to Milk-Bone treats.
It can take longer to pay for a toy at the register than it can take for a Chessie to chew through it. We have found a brand of toys that seem to be more of a challenge for our Chessies, the JW brand. This brand is widely available at brick and mortar stores and online.
We are often asked what kind of food we use for our adult dogs and puppies. After researching the best dog foods for retrievers, and combining this information with products available in our area, we are now using the Purina Pro Plan products for both our grown dogs and our puppies.


We are not paid endorsers of any of the products on this page. These are just products that work well for our dogs.